Tuesday, 18 November 2014


I'm at home about two weeks, it will be the third week.
But, normally, and I hope so, i'm gonna be back at school tomorrow!
I'm gonna see my friends again.
And have English class.
Hum, so I'm about to explain why I'm at home :
So, since 2009, I'm suffering of a trouble in my knees.
My left knee dislocated twice, and so now the doctors offered me the choice of surgery
So that the dislocation can not happen again.
I said 'Yes' and now, i have three scars on my knee.
The trouble is repared, it will be better in a few weeks.
I have to say that it hurts so much the first days when I was at the hospital or at home.
It wasn't easy to walk, to sit or to get up.
Now i feel better, and I want to go back to school to see my friends.
I'm going crazy at home.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

four actors I love

Ben Lloyd-Hughes
Logan Lerman
Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Josh Hutcherson

Kinda news...

Mum wants me to go to a psychologue
Because i am 'the stressful, depressed and dreamer kind of girl'
and so that she thinks i have to go to see someone for this.
Yes, that's a trouble.
Omg. I received a mail from 'Project Casting'
To be true, i'm receiving lots of mails from this organisation.
But one of them all catch my attention, it was about a casting call
about 'How to Becone an Extra on 'Maze Runners : The Scorch Trials'
I would like to go to the auditions but unfortunately for me,
that's in the USA and i'm in France
I have to say i'm pretty in pain at the moment 'cause I can't go to.
When i told mommy there was a casting call for 'new talents' and so that i could play
with Dylan O'Brien or even Thomas Brodie-Sangster,
Two of good actors i like, she was like 'Okay, but where does it take place?'
As I said 'In the USA mom'
She had a facial expression like 'Omg are you serious? I'm not gonna let you go there 'cause we can't'
And this impossibility to realize my dream, this dream, gave me lots of pain
in my nerves. It's kind of horrible as a feeling.

The lake i love most


some beautiful place i love going to, part 1

my green land is beautiful, for me, as always.
The forest, the lake...
I really like to live here, in a place where I can go to the forest or the lake
as I want.
It's always good.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Chamonix - Mont Blanc

A few weeks ago, i've been to the Mont Blanc, so to Chamonix.
I've seen Chamonix's Golf Club House and obviously, The Mont Blanc.
Its such a beautiful landscape, all these mounts around
and all these trees, these big forests, it's beautiful.
And the town is pretty too, with flowers and shops everywhere,
with these kind of pubs, there's an Irish Coffee and so much things all around,
It's the appropriate place for doing lots of things
If you are in France, as a journey or if you live there, i think you have to see this place
It's acually 12 AM, and i'm going to do some work on my novel
See ya'

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Against depression

Against the depression feeling, i'm trying to do my best every day
and i have to say that Jerome Jarre help me so much with
his funny snapchat stories with lots and lots of people as Ansel Elgort (omg i love him)
or other guys. His smile only can make my day, even if it doesn't last as long as i want to...
But yes, i think he makes my day kind of every day.
This man is great, nice, happy. I think that he is the one you need to 'watch out for' or
the one you need to see to be kinda happy.


Stuff i bought

The 'Last' day

So, i was supposed to left Portugal on a thursday night, so the day was long :
On the morning, i headed to Lisbon for having a day 'off' with my cousins Vera, Ana and their parents.
In the evening, i went to the airport to take the plane for Lyon...
The funny stuff takes place here :
My plane ticket was in stand-by, the same for my dad. We didn't take the plane to Lyon
and we had to wait for the next plane all night long with an other girl of my age.
On friday, we came to the airport again, and we took the plane for London.
Bye Portugal, i'm heading to London >>>>
So, hello England, i was in London two hours later...
  And then, just two hours after being in London, i was taking an other plane for Lyon >>>
So i was home like a day later, the 'plane travel' was supposed to be only two hours long from Lisbon to Lyon.
It was a long journey, and my phone's credit can proove it...
I learnt one thing : if my dream comes true, i'm gonna travel a lot, so i will take an International Phone's Credit
I think.
So yea! It was my journey to Portugal...
3 cities, 3 countries and 2 planes the same day !
I hope you enjoyed it. :)